Grading Guide:

10 Gem Mint (GM) Perfect condition for discriminating collectors. This condition is rarely used.
9 Mint (M) No significant defects. Generally we use NM as our highest grade unless a valuable item warrants a better grade for serious collectors.
8 Near Mint (NM) One or two very minor flaws including slight printing defects, edge or corner dings. Typically our highest grade.

7 Excellent (EX) May have light edge wear or tiny tears on the border. Slight aging/yellowing may be present. No tears over 1/4" or creases.

6 Very Fine (VF) May include 1 or 2 tears up to 1/2". Some handling marks and weathering may be present.

5 Fine (F) A worn, but still attractive item. Several of the following: small tears, handling marks, printing defects, wrinkling/aging.

4 Very Good (VG) A moderately handled item. May have significant edge wear, one or two minor creases. Wrinkling from moisture and handling marks may be present.

3 Good (G) A well handled or weathered item. Creases, soiling, wrinkling from moisture. May have multiple tears or small holes. No major chunks missing.

2 Fair (F) May have up to 20% of the item missing due to holes or chunks missing. Edge wear, creases, soiling may be present.

1 Poor (P) Heavy damage and major problems. Missing large chunks, soiling, handling marks, edge wear. Generally used as a collection filler until a better item can be located.